Big or small, fundamentals key to football safety

After a brutal weekend in college football , local school coaches are trying to prevent severe injuries.

Ty Forbes is a 4th grade defensive coach at Tulsa Union.

"As coaches, it's our responsibility to teach proper technique and fundamentals," said Forbes. He says it's important to teach kids a young age to protect themselves in a violent sport.

"If you teach the kids how to tackle, it will eliminate a lot of injuries to the neck and back."

The older players at Union High School say those techniques start to become second nature as instinct takes over.

Union's athletic trainer Dan Newman says common sense is key. If your child is too small or is getting too many injuries, football may not be right for them at the moment.

"Especially with the young kids starting out in tackle sports," Newman said. "Make sure your coaches know what they're doing. If you see coaches doing drills that don't look right, they're probably not right."

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