VIDEO: Alabama woman Superman punches, kicks Sooner fans during OU's Sugar Bowl win

NEW ORLEANS - We've all seen a fight break out at a sporting event. The story usually involves words exchanging, maybe a punch or two, and the obligatory slow clap as the instigators find themselves ushered out of the stadium.

A fight like that happened last night during Oklahoma's Sugar Bowl victory over No. 3 Alabama -- and it trumps just about any sporting skirmish you've ever seen.

Mobile users see the video here

So here's the play-by-play as gathered by the 1:55 video: A female Alabama fan walks into a crowd of young Sooner supporters. It's clear early on the woman isn't happy with the boys, and they have no problem razzing her for her team's woes.

Another Alabama fan comes to her rescue, trying his best to pull her back to her seat. Oh, if only he was successful.

Seconds later -- about 30 seconds into the video for those counting at home -- she wriggled away only to give those Oklahoma antagonizers her best Superman impersonation.

Wham! Kick! More kicking! You get the idea. 

Naturally, security escorted her out not more than a minute later.

Now, we don't this woman's name, we don't know if she was arrested. We don't really know anything.

But the video really says it all, doesn't it?

Want to see the raw video without "Seven Nation Army" playing? Go for it, but fair warning: there's a bit of language. We also suggest this gem: the same clip set to Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball."  You can thank us later.

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