Oklahoma vs Alabama: OU Sooners and Crimson Tide, Sugar Bowl prediction

TULSA - It's time for the Gatorade baths. En masse.

We may get to see 35 head coaches get showered in Orange or Fruit Punch or Lemon-Lime Gatorade this college bowl season.

That's right. I said 35.

I mean really! There are 35 games, which means 70 of 122 college football teams go bowling. How nuts is that?! I don't think they really care if they sell tickets, as long as ESPN has something to broadcast.

First game with Big 12 team.

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl in Tempe, Arizona - Kansas State vs Michigan. Look for the man behind the scenes pulling the plug on the lights at the stadium in this one in the third quarter so the patrons at wings restaurant keep the customers from falling asleep. Can't eat wings while snoring. Michigan by a field goal 38-35.

Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, Texas - Oregon vs Texas. Mack Brown's last stand at Texas. How appropriate. Daniel Bowie is not at QB for Texas. Brown ends his coaching career with a loss. Oregon wins 37-34.

Holiday Bowl in San Diego, California - Texas Tech vs Arizona State. At least these teams get the chance to go to San Diego. I look for Todd Graham to run it up on Tech. Graham named Pac-12 Coach of the Year. No truth to the rumor his thank you started with, "I couldn't have won it without myself." End of the season, and Tech still doesn't know who is the top QB on the team. Arizona St. wins 55-52.

Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California - Stanford vs Michigan State. First appearance at the Rose Bowl in over 20 years for Spartans, and what happens? The defensive captain gets kicked off the team for breaking team rules. Brilliant. With captains like that, can't imagine what the underlings think. Stanford rolls 27-13.

Fiesta Bowl in Tempe, Arizona - Baylor vs Central Florida. Baylor returns 5,000 tickets for their first ever BCS bowl game. Incredible. Nice fan base. That would make Art Briles tear up his new contract and hustle to get the Texas job. Sorry, but that kind of support is pathetic. This game is pathetic. This whole court is pathetic. Going Al Pacino here. Actually it was, "this whole court is out of order." Can't remember the name of the movie. Anyway, Central Florida? Fiesta Bowl paying the price for its illegal political contributions of a few years back. Baylor wins despite lack of support from fans, 34-17.

Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana - Oklahoma vs Alabama. Tough to figure how Alabama will come out or this one. For the first time in three years, these guys aren't playing for the big prize. Initially I was thinking OU was not going to be ready for this one as far as athleticism is concerned. Maybe the Sooners can catch the Crimson Tide at low tide for this one. Nah. Alabama wins 37-20.

Cotton Bowl in Arlington, Texas - OSU vs Missouri. This could be the best game on the card. Both teams losing momentum at the end of the season. How will the teams react? Missouri has the better QB and the better defense, although the Tigers give up an incredible amount of points to Auburn. If OSU can keep the ball, and get the early lead, they win. Don't see OSU coming from behind in this one. OSU wins 34-33.

Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida - Clemson vs Ohio State. Still wondering what the crowd will be like for this one. Miami not a city that shows up, but Ohio St. fans will love to get in the sun, and Clemson travels. Picking an upset. Clemson wins, although they have been an overrated outfit this season. Clemson with a field goal at the end, 35-33.

BCS Championship in Pasadena, California - Auburn vs Florida State. If this game would have been played a week after the season was over I would have gone with Auburn. Tigers were hot, but things have settled down, and now I'm going Florida St. FSU wins 45-42.


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