NCAA making changes to player-fan rule following Marcus Smart's altercation with Texas Tech fan

STILLWATER, Okla. - The NCAA rules committee has officially responded to the incident involving Oklahoma State star Marcus Smart and a rowdy Texas Tech fan.

Rule 10-1.3.h hasn't yet been dubbed "The Smart Rule," but its new restrictions are certainly inspired by the young guard.

The NCAA sent out a memo concerning the rulechange earlier this week, according to ESPN, stating a flagrant noncontact foul 2 and ejection would automatically be called if a player enters into the stands.

Smart, who passed up a chance at becoming a top pick in last year's NBA Draft to return for his sophomore season, shoved a fan Feb. 8. after an apparent taunt.

Smart was given a technical foul, but was not ejected. Eventually, Smart was ushered into the locker room as the road crowd continued to grow agitated.

Who was the man Smart pushed?

Smart was suspended three games for the incident.

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