You credit card can be stolen without anyone ever touching it

The first reaction many people have when their wallet or purse is stolen is to cancel their credit cards. But what if someone could steal your credit card without ever taking it?

"The bad guys are calling in with all the personal identifying information of the victims," said U.S. Postal Inspector Carla Menedez.

Once they do that, they can essentially get access to your credit card account. They can add themselves as users, get their own card with their name on it and start charging your account.

Postal inspectors seized several items purchased by credit card hijackers, including big-screen TVs and video game systems.

In one case, the losses totaled $120,000. But inspectors got a big break.

"The bad guy wasn't very smart in this case," said Menedez. "He purchased two MoneyGram money orders from a local merchant, and when he went in to purchase the money order, he actually wrote his real name and his real address down."

Some advice from postal inspectors: safeguard your personal information at all times.

"One thing we always recommend is to check your credit report once a year to make sure nothing fraudulent has happened to your credit," said Menedez.

Also, never carry your Social Security card with you. It can easily grant access to several accounts.

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