Washington County SPCA: Nearly 1,300 dogs saved

BARTLESVILLE, Okla. - The air above the Washington County SPCA was filled with the sound of barking early Thursday morning as nearly 30 dogs and puppies were sent homeward bound to Colorado, thanks a PetSmart Charities pet rescue program.

Senior Animal Transport Coordinator Kharis Eppstein told 2NEWS this load brings the total number of animals saved by the program since the transports began in Sept. 2009 to just three dogs short of 1,300.

According to Eppstein, no other shelter in the entire country has transferred as many dogs in such a short period.

Paula Blower, shelter manager for the Washington County SPCA, told 2NEWS the next transport at the end of this month will be the shelter over 1,300 transported.

"That 1,500 mark is coming up very quickly," she said, saying the WCSPCA reached the 1,000 in July last year.

"It's been an amazing success — all these animals will get to go north and will all find new homes."

PetSmart Charities visits the Washington County SPCA every month to pick up adoptable dogs and puppies which it then takes to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley in Boulder, Colo.

Upon their arrival at the shelter, the dogs get 12-24 hours to rest before being given a medical check-up, followed by a spay/neuter surgery and then are placed on the adoption floor.

According to PetSmart Charities, the dogs are usually adopted within a few days of their arrival due to a high demand in Colorado for these dogs.

Washington County SPCA is part of the Great Plains Rescue Waggin' Program and one of only 60 animal shelters across the nation participating in this national transport program.

For more information about the Rescue Waggin' program and other PetSmart Charities programs, click here or call 1-800-423-PETS.

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