Tulsa program places first time homeowners in rehabilitated homes

TULSA - Mayor Dewey Bartlett announced Sunday three first-time homeowners will soon be living in new rehabilitated homes through the City's Rehabilitation Program.

The program also partnered with Wells Fargo and the Tulsa Development Authority.

Earlier this year, Wells Fargo foreclosed on properties around Tulsa to help rehabilitate homes and increase property values for surrounding neighbors, City of Tulsa spokeswoman Michelle Allen said.

Each recipient of the rehabilitation program received a $35,000 grant for rehabilitation costs, which includes: new siding, heat, air, bathroom fixtures, kitchen fixtures and appliances. The new homeowner owners also attended training provided by the Tulsa Housing Authority, Allen said.

"Three families will soon be moving into their first home. There is no greater pride then to be able to own and provide a home for your family," Mayor Dewey Bartlett said. "We look forward to continuing this important program and pursuing more home partnerships within the community."

The focus of the City of Tulsa's Rehabilitation Program is to retain safe housing for the citizens of Tulsa.

The City of Tulsa has been a steward of the rehabilitation program for over 20 years and assists individuals or families who meet a specified income level, own and occupy a rehabilitated residence, Allen said.

For more information on the City of Tulsa Rehabilitation program, contact:

City of Tulsa Working In Neighborhoods Dept.

Housing Division




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