Testimony continues in trial for Bartlesville man accused in fatal stabbing

Testimony continued Wednesday for the trial of a Bartlesville man accused in the fatal stabbing of his roommate last year.

Wednesday marked the third day for the trial of William James Holt, 54, charged with first degree murder for the allegedly stabbing his roommate 51-year-old Terry Wayne Moody to death on Feb. 12.

According to the police, that night Holt called police from his residence on the 900 block of S.E. Choctaw reporting a shooting or stabbing. Police and emergency workers arriving to the scene found Moody dead on the living room floor with a knife wound to his chest.

When police arrested Holt five days later on a murder complaint, he reportedly told a woman who he had identified as Patricia had stabbed Moody. Following further investigation, police determined the woman could not have been at the scene of the crime when it was committed.

They also found the alleged murder weapon in Holt's kitchen and blood on Holt's hands and clothes, said the report.

During the day's testimony, the court heard from Officer Randal Tayrien who had interviewed Patricia Aldridge the night of the stabbing. He said she appeared heavily intoxicated and during the interview told him she had drunk half a pint of vodka and a couple of beers. She also appeared like she had not washed "in a day or so," he said, adding that he made note of apparent scratches on her right forearm which appeared to have scrabbed over, but saw no blood.

Holt's defense attorney, Mark Kane, had Tayrien recount how Aldridge said she had had a falling out with Moody and had threatened to kick out his television. Brought out also was how Aldridge during her initial interview reportedly told police she had never been to Holt's house where Terry was, but then later said she had been there before.

When the state prosecution team asked how Aldridge responded when police told her Terry was dead, Tayrien said she gave no indication she knew he was dead.

"She got a stunned look on her face and said 'Noooo...'", he said.

The state then had Tayrien tell how Holt reportedly called police 14 hours after the stabbing to tell them he had found injuries on his abdomen which he said came from Aldridge earlier when she was at the house and stabbed Moody.

Reportedly, Holt told police she was in his house when she said "I am going to kill you," and then spun him around and tried to stab him in the chest.

Later on, brought to the witness stand was Aldridge. She told the court she had been drinking that night. She explained how she was on pain medication for her knees and how she could walk only short distances and had limited mobility.

Asked by the state if she had ever abused the pain medication, she said no.

After recounting to the court her relationship with Moody, she was asked by the state if she killed Terry. She responded, "No, sir. I liked Terry."

Next to the witness stand was Kimberly York, a friend with whom Aldridge stayed following the stabbing incident.

York told the court she brought Aldridge to her home after the night of the stabbing when she received a call from Aldridge saying she had gotten herself in trouble and needed to be picked up.

During her testimony, York told the court during the month-and-a-half Aldridge stayed with her, she knew Aldridge used too many pain pills and sold them. Asked by the state if she ever witnessed Aldridge sell the pills, York told the court no, but that after Aldridge had moved, people had stopped at the house asking for them.

York told the court she believed Aldridge's complaints of pain were exaggerated, that she put on a show for police when they came to interview her and when she wanted more pills from her doctor.

The woman recalled how once, after overhearing an interview with police and knowing it was snowy the night the stabbing, how while watching television, Aldridge reportedly said "It's a really a (expletive) walking through the snow with flip-flops."

"I just froze," she told the court, saying that after hearing the interview with police, she knew Aldridge would have had to have walked from her house to the Holt's in the snow in order to murder Moody, as Holt alleged.

Following York's time on the stand, the court recessed to pick up proceedings Thursday morning.

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