Veterans care in Tulsa and Oklahoma is a concern for U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, wants overhaul of VA

Senator Jim Inhofe wants to see an overhaul of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

This follows investigations across the country that have found thousands of veterans waiting 30 days or more just to see a doctor and allegations that delays lead to 1,000 veterans' deaths.

Inhofe says that is not acceptable and he wants to see more VA oversight.

There are two VA hospitals in Oklahoma. One is in Muskogee. The other is in Oklahoma City. Meanwhile, for less emergent needs, there are clinics across the state, including one in Tulsa.

Inhofe says many of those clinics don't have the means to meet veterans' basic healthcare, including the one in Tulsa.

Twenty-seven clinics across the country are getting upgrades, but Tulsa's clinic was cut from that list.

"There's a little mystery about why it was taken off and there were 27 and that was taken off, that made it 26, and I called up the chairman of the House Veterans Committee and they agreed in conference to put it back on," said Senator Jim Inhofe, (R)-Oklahoma.

But that's just the beginning to improving care. Inhofe's office is receiving calls on dozens of calls about VA neglect and poor treatment.

The 2NEWS Investigators have also received those calls and have been working to help those veterans in need.

Of all those calls, one man's story really stood out. His treatment was so bad, when we shared it with Oklahoma lawmakers they began investigating.

Watch for that story Monday online and on 2NEWS at 10 p.m.

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