Toxic bald eagle found to have lead, rat poison in body, dies at Oklahoma wildlife hospital

NOBLE, Okla. - A bald eagle recently died in the care of an Oklahoma animal hospital, but it's what it died from that's raised concerns from its caretakers. 

Wildcare director Rhondi Large told 2NEWS affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City that despite her team's efforts, there was little they could do. 

"She just didn't have the fight. She didn't have the spunk, the fire, that normally they would have," Large said.

Large says it was soon evident was had been plaguing the animal--high levels of lead and rat poison. 

While it's not known if the bird was intentionally poisoned, Large says toxins are a problem she says she's well familiar with. And it's happening more and more, she says. 

"When this kind of poison gets into bodies of water like streams and lakes, it becomes a big problem for people as well," Large said. " ... We really need to be concerned about what we're putting out there in the environment." 

Large says the eagle's death should serve as a reminder of humanity's impact on nature--and ourselves. 

"The birds are eating fish, and we're out there catching fish and eating our fish when we catch them, having fish frys out on the campsites," she said. That's the same thing these birds are having. It does make you think twice." 

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