Supporters of texting while driving legislation plead case at Oklahoma Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY - Time is running out for a bill that, if passed, would ban texting while driving in Oklahoma.

The ban passed a House transportation committee last week by a 12-2 vote, but has since been tabled. 

One of the bill's supporters spent Monday at the state Capitol to lobby for the legislation.

Jennifer Smith co-founded the Distraction Advocate Network after her mother was killed by a driver distracted by his cellphone in 2008. 

"We just want to protect others from the same tragedies we've had to endure," Smith said. "Because they are so needless and so preventable."

The bill's author, Rep. Curtis McDaniel, of McClain County, hopes Smith's message will give the bill a better chance.

"Drinking and driving, they take your license. They throw you in jail. They take everything. [Texting] is proven to be six times more dangerous than drinking and driving," McDaniel said. "To me, it's a no brainer. But we are in Oklahoma City and logic doesn't always play out here."

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