Texting ban again fails in Oklahoma House

OKLAHOMA CITY - For a third time this legislative session, the Oklahoma House has rejected a proposal to ban texting while driving.

An amendment to Senate Bill 924 that would have made reading, writing or sending a text illegal failed in the House Tuesday. Under the amendment, drivers convicted of texting would have received a misdemeanor punishable by up to $500.

SEE FAILED MEASURE   (http://bit.ly/Textamend)

"Once again, the House killed a ban on texting while driving," said Curtis McDaniel, D-Smithville, "even when the amendment limits the ban to school zones, work zones, and intersections. These are the most dangerous areas to text while driving and the majority of Oklahomans support this ban. The House just doesn't seem interested in making our roads safer. As usual, the status quo seems to win."

The amendment, which failed 49-37, was one of two separate texting-related bills to be tabled Tuesday. Ten such measures have been introduced this session, none of which have found success.

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