Stillwater junior high student dead after shooting self at school

STILLWATER, Okla. - Students, parents, teachers and the Stillwater community are still reeling after a middle school student tragically shot himself in his junior high hallway.

According to school district officials, eighth grade student Cade Poulos killed himself just minutes before classes were to begin.

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2News reporter Casey Roebuck is in Stillwater to piece together the tragedy.

"I heard a gun shot," said Jacob Bracken-Leach, one of several students gathering to pray before class. "And then the next thing I know, you just look over and the kid tensed up and falls down and there's blood everywhere. And people are screaming and running everywhere."

"I'm doing all right for now." Bracken-Leach said. "It hasn't set in what we saw. What happened yet."

Police have yet to determine where the 13-year-old Poulos obtained the gun or what caused him to pull the trigger, but an investigation is under way.

A Facebook page has been created to memorialize Poulos at RipCadePoulos.

And while no evidence of bullying has been confirmed, Stillwater Superintendent Ann Caine responded to the possibility.

"It is our board policy when there is bullying, it's to be reported right away. Then we have a process we go through as administrators and staff to investigate and assign the appropriate consequence," she said. "But at this point there is no indication that is what occurred"

In light of the tragedy, Stillwater Public Schools has dedicated a portion of its website to the shooting, including a list of counseling services, an incident fact sheet and a letter to parents.

The site also states school will resume Thursday, where councilors will be available.

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