State medical offiical: Clayton Lockett's body returned without heart; second autopsy underway

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- A state medical official says the body of an Oklahoma inmate who died of what corrections officials had said was an apparent heart attack after a failed execution was returned from an independent autopsy without the heart or larynx.

Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office spokeswoman Amy Elliott said Monday the Dallas County Medical Examiner's office retained the body parts, a practice she said is not uncommon. Dallas County officials did not immediately return messages Monday.

David Autry, an attorney for inmate Clayton Lockett, said a private doctor is working on a second autopsy and has asked Dallas County to preserve all evidence in the case, including the heart and larynx.

Lockett died after his April 29 execution was halted when prison officials noted the lethal injection drugs weren't being administered properly.

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