State legislator presents bill mandating drug testing for Oklahomans filing for unemployment

OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma's House of Representatives will soon vote on a bill requiring Oklahomans applying for unemployment to be drug tested.

Under House Bill 1045, those requesting benefits for the first time would be forced to test.

State Rep. Dustin Roberts, who filed the legislation, said addiction is a growing problem for the state.

"We have to do what we can to discourage it as well as ensure we are not actually spending money support it," he said.

The Republican congressman cited the passing of a related bill last spring that required testing for welfare recipients suspected of drug use.

"I think it is good policy and one we should use with any state-paid benefits that might be misused by an addict," Roberts said. "I know that my constituents do not want to support a drug addiction with tax dollars."

Last year's welfare bill passed the House with an inclusion mandating Oklahoma legislators to be tested before failing in the Senate. The revised bill had no mention of the legislators.


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