Six months later: Mom, son donate toys for children who died at Plaza Elementary in Moore tornado

MOORE, Okla. - The message from this place, among the death and destruction, is that life must go on.

Nearly everyday, Vickie and little Micah walk the streets of their neighborhood. They walk past the destruction and devastation, now six months old.

"You just get up every morning and you keep going. It's tough, you just keep you're head going, you know God's got your back and you just keep on going," said Vickie.

But there are signs of rebuilding and rebirth, too. After a stormy and rainy spring and summer, Vickie says their house is finally coming back to life. And that they should be home soon.

"Hopefully within the next two to three months, and we're counting down," she said.

Who wouldn't count the days, after what a mom and her four-year-old have endured?

The emotions are still raw. So are the nerves.

On the day that tormenting tornado dropped from the sky, Micah was at Plaza Towers Elementary for speech.

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Vickie picked him up just minutes before mother nature's monster devoured the school. Seven children there died that day.

"I just praise God my baby's safe, we're both safe, we're both alive."

But Vickie says Micah still has nightmares. And while he lost most everything he had, Micah was able to salvage a few toys, although badly damaged.

He asked his mom if they could take those tattered and torn toys, including Buzz Lightyear and Woody, and his Pooh Bear, and place them at the memorial for those seven children who died.

"I wanted to have other kids to have the toys, so they could play with them, in heaven," said Micah.

Jesus would take those toys to heaven, Micah told his mom. God would clean them up, make them good as new, for heaven's newest angels he said.

The faith of a child, Vickie says, is what has helped them endure the last half a year. And it will help them persevere, she says, for years to come.

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