Police: Jennings man pushes Yale High School principal into wall

PAYNE CO. - Jennings man was arrested for allegedly attacking a school principal earlier this month.

Donald Lee Stobaugh, 46, is charged with assault and battery on a school employee for an incident which reportedly occurred on Nov. 8.

According to the affidavit, around 4:30 p.m. police were dispatched to Yale High School and spoke with the principal Bobby Rose who said Stobaugh had slammed him against a wall.

He said Stobaugh had walked into his office and asked to speak to him privately about Stobaugh's son who attends the school. When the principal refused to have a private conversation and told Stobaugh not to shut the door, Stobaugh proceeded to shut the door and demanded to speak with him behind closed doors. When Rose went to the door to reopen it, Stobaugh reportedly "pushed his body against Mr. Rose's body" slamming Rose's left shoulder into the wall of his office.

A witness told police he heard a noise of something hitting the wall and Rose in a loud voice say, "Oh no. You're not going to push me. That's it. You are not going to put your hands on me."

The witness said he saw Rose and Stobaugh walk across the hallway to the superintendent's office where Stobaugh stopped and said, "He touched me first."

Stobaugh told police he did enter Rose's office and attempt to shut the door for a private conversation but that as he was shutting the door, Rose "started towards the door and ran into him." He denied laying hands on or touching Rose.

Rose later told police he saw a doctor about pain in his left shoulder and the doctor found a bruise.

Reportedly before Stobaugh had gone to the school, he had called the police department asking if an officer was still at the school taking a report of vandalism on his son's truck.

He was reported to have said, "I guess that's why they passed the open carry law, so people like us can take care of these things ourselves."

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