Police accused of making drunk SWOSU college students crawl

WEATHERFORD, Okla. (AP) -- Weatherford police officers have been accused of making four Southwestern Oklahoma State University students crawl back to an apartment or face arrest for public intoxication.

Dylan Frizzell told The Oklahoman (http://bit.ly/NFydMz) Thursday that he and three others were walking back to an apartment after drinking at a nearby house early Sunday when the incident occurred. Frizzell says there were taunts and dog calls while the students were crawling.

Frizzell acknowledged he was intoxicated but refused to crawl and was arrested. He was released from jail after posting $84 in bail.

Frizzell wrote about the incident in a letter to a local newspaper, which police Capt. Todd Doyals says prompted an investigation.

Doyals says if the allegations are true, police Chief Byron Cox will take the necessary disciplinary actions.


Information from: The Oklahoman

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