Oklahoma gun range receipt found in Adam Lanza's Newtown, Connecticut home after Sandy Hook shooting

WEATHERFORD, Okla. - A receipt from an Oklahoma shooting range was found in the home of Adam Lanza after his slaying of 26 first graders, teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, according to search warrants unsealed Thursday.

The 20-year-old killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, on Dec. 14 before driving to Sandy Hook.

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Thursday's documents revealed Lanza shot his way into the school with a Bushmaster .223-caliber rifle killing all 26 in a furious five-minute span before taking his own life as police arrived.

Among the retrieved items was a receipt to Tinstar Shooting Range in Weatherford, Okla. and an NRA certificate for Nancy Lanza. For mobile users, view the documents here (http://bit.ly/LanzaPDF).

Calls to Tinstar were unsuccessful.

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