Oklahoma City woman poses as dentist; Possibly infected 100 people with diseases

OKLAHOMA CITY - A woman accused of posing as a dentist for two years in Oklahoma City surrendered Monday alongside her daughter. 

According to the Oklahoma Board of dentistry, Elizabeth Hinojosa, known as Dr. Liz,  practiced dentistry illegally and operated on dozens of people in Oklahoma City.

Investigators say Hinojosa worked at two different dental offices in the city and could have possibly infected 100 people with diseases.

State health officials said she also tricked Spanish-speaking patients into thinking she was a real dentist.

"We are very concerned about some of the victims the ones that we have interviewed, out of all the victims we interviewed at least half of them have had some sort of infection or problem related to their dental procedure that was done by her, " Susan Rogers from the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry said. 

Officials say some of the alleged victims have permanent damage.

Volunteer dentists have agreed to fix the problems at a discounted rate or for free. 

Hinojosa faces felony charges of posing as a dentist.

Our CNN affiliate KOCO in Oklahoma City contributed to this story.

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