McIntosh County woman buries dead mother in garage

McINTOSH COUNTY, Okla. - A McIntosh woman is behind bars after authorities searching for her elderly mother found the daughter had buried the woman in her garage.

Shelly Dawn Maytubby , 42, faces a charge of desecration of a human corpse.

According to the case affidavit, on the afternoon of Nov. 16 a McIntosh County deputy was set to Maytubby's home in the Twin Mountain area of Eufala on a welfare check request.

A daughter had called saying she had not heard from her mother, Erlene McCune , in many weeks and that Maytubby – with whom McCune lived – did not let anyone have contact with her.

A deputy arriving to the home spoke with Maytubby who appeared nervous and he told her why he was there. As he walked through the home with her, she told him McCune had left with a man she knew as Santa Claus.

In the following weeks, the sheriff conducted an investigation and after speaking with a close friend of McCune's close friend and another daughter, he served a search warrant on Maytubby's home. She told him there McCune had left with a truck driver on Nov. 12 and that she had not seen her since.

After going over details of his investigation with Maytubby and items that did not seem to match up in her story, Maytubby told the sheriff her mother had become sick and bedridden. She said she did not call for a doctor but took care of her mother herself. She also stopped her mother's medication, she said. Maytubby also said her mother had let her use her debit card.

It was when the sheriff told Maytubby authorities were not going to stop looking for her when she said her mother had died and that she had buried her in the garage.

Authorities then unearthed the body and searched the home. They found McCune medication, her financial documents and a lockbox bearing thousands of dollars and several other items.

Investigators are waiting for the medical examiner's report to see if additional charges will be filed.

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