Man accused of plotting to bomb Oklahoma churches

Investigators are trying to figure out what led an Illinois man to devise a plot to bomb 48 area churches.

Gregory Arthur Weiler, 23, was arrested on Friday and charged for possession of an incendiary device and for violating the state's anti-terrorism act.

On Thursday morning, Miami police were called to the Legacy Inn and Suites motel in reference to suspicious items in a dumpster, according to an affidavit.

Police found several empty glass bottles with duct tape, pieces of cloth, lighter fluid and a gas can -- ingredients used to make Molotov cocktails, or gasoline bombs.

Police found additional bomb-making material inside Weiler's motel room.

They also recovered torn pieces of paper and a purple journal, which contained the recipe for Molotov cocktails, maps and a list of 48 churches to be targeted.

The information included specific details about each church, including the days when services are held and the average number of attendees.

One entry stated, "Self Promote for the next 4 years while beginning list of goals written out in Oklahoma having to do with destroying and removing church buildings from U.S. a tiny bit at at time -- setting foundation for the years to come."

A week before his arrest, Weiler posted a note to his Facebook page, in which he praised America's forefathers and discussed different belief systems around the world.

He ended the note by saying "And I am telling you that I have not opened a Bible in a while, and I haven't stepped foot into a church building in quite some time - and though I may be very lonely right now, I am hoping that someone, and maybe someday in the future, someone will take notice."

Miami residents like Emily Ellick say the whole thing sounds strange.

"I'm glad we have law-enforcement to keep us all safe. It sounded like a crazy man," said Ellick.

Church-goers like Ellick say it won't keep them from attending services.

Ellick said her church has plenty of police officers as members.

The FBI is now in charge of the investigation.

Additional federal charges could be filed.

Weiler remains in the Ottawa County Jail.   

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