House Bill 2351 aims to protect students pastry-chewing, gun-drawing rights

OKLAHOMA CITY - State Rep. Sally Kern, R-Oklahoma City, chose to kick off the 2014 legislative session with a bang this week, offering up a bill that, if passed into law, would give students the right to bring toy weapons to school without reproach.

Having a toy gun on campus is only one of House Bill 2351's gun-related provisions.

Under the guidelines of the "Common Sense Zero Tolerance Act," students could not be punished in any way for eight specified reasons, among them the freedom to draw a picture of a gun, use a finger or hand to simulate a weapon, or "vocalize imaginary firearms." 

The most peculiar of the eight, which reads, "Brandishing a pastry or other food which is partially consumed in such a way that the remnant resembles a weapon," is a reference to an incident in which a Baltimore 7-year-old was suspended for shaping his Pop-Tart into a gun at school.

If passed, the act will become law July 1. It was introduced Tuesday.

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