Hinto 3 year old allegedly punished with shock collar around neck

HINTON, Okla. - Caddo County authorities arrested a man, saying he punished a 3-year-old girl by putting a shock collar around her neck.

Hinton police say they got a call from the girl's mother who told them about the abuse. She says she waited until Seyler left for work before making the call. And when police got there....it didn't take long to start piecing the story together.

Court records state the three year old told police "daddy hit me with the belt and shocked me with the dog collar."

The affidavit also states Seyler "hit the child in the stomach with a closed fist," and "kicked her in the stomach and chest area and made her hit her head on the floor."

The mother also reported to officers that Seyler told her to before he left for work that if she told police he'd kill her and the kids.

Seyler remains behind bars on child abuse by injury charges. In Caddo county.

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