Grand River Dam Authority still searching Lake Hudson for missing woman

SALINA, Okla. - The Grand River Dam Authority Police Department is searching for a missing woman in Lake Hudson.

GRDA and the Salina Fire Department responded to a call around 7:30 p.m. Saturday about a man yelling for help at Snowdale State Park at Lake Hudson. 

Justin Alberty, communications director with GRDA, says crews have not stopped searching for Kari Lyn Ogden, 22, of Sand Springs.

Search crews first used GPS to create a grid on a portion of the lake near the Highway 20 bridge. They then sent divers into the water looking for Ogden in 20 to 25 feet of water.

Alberty says Ogden was with a man and two children but could not determine whether it's her family. 

Alberty says Ogden got out of the boat to swim and strong winds pushed the boat away from her. She was not wearing a life jacket. 

Alberty says the man jumped into the water to try to save her but wasn't able to get to her in time before she went under water.

While sitting on their back porch near the lake, Tim King and his wife say they heard cries for help. 

"You could hear them yelling," King said by phone Sunday, "and at that point you could kind of tell they were yelling for help."

King says he and his neighbor hopped in a boat to try and rescue the two people in the water. By the time they got onto the water, King says he could only see one person still floating.

They pulled the man from the water and he told them his wife had drowned. King called 911 while trying to comfort the man. King says the man was very upset and concerned about the two young children still adrift in the boat.

"He was just worried about his kids," King said, "and we were like the kids are fine. You'll be OK. We're going to get you in."

GRDA police say they will keep looking for Ogden until she is found.

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