George Pierson: Oklahoma City motorist gets throat slashed by angry biker during case of road rage

OKLAHOMA CITY - An Oklahoma City man is recovering after falling victim in a case of road rage.

George Pierson just arrived at the grocery store when he was confronted by an angry biker, who claimed Pierson cut him off.

Pierson climbed out of his car after several minutes of cursing.

"I could have stayed in the car but you never think somebody is going to slash your throat," he said.

Police say the biker slashed Pierson's neck from ear to Adam's apple.

Authorities are still searching for the knife-wielding suspect.

Meanwhile, authorities say not to confront aggressive drivers.

"The best thing to do when you come across an aggressive driver, don't stop and argue," said Craig Bartley, EMSA paramedic.  "Call 911.  Call police and go to a safe place where you can get help."


Information from KFOR-TV


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