Former TU athlete allegedly attacked

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - An Oklahoma City woman is speaking publicly after she was allegedly attacked by a neighbor.  The former basketball star at the University of Tulsa says it happened because she is gay.

Kayla Elliot says she is thankful to be alive after getting 18 stitches in her head.

"And I mean just out of nowhere she came towards me with that knife and the whole time it was like you gay b&^* I'm about to kill you," Elliot said.

Elliot says she did what she could to defend herself, but her neighbor stabbed and bit her.

"And I was scared and just to have somebody on top of you telling you you're going to die and its not nothing you've done to anybody its just because your gay," Elliot said.

Police arrested Camino Nichole Maxwell after the Tuesday night incident.  Elliot said she was just walking back to her father's home.

According to court documents Maxwell admitted to stabbing Elliot, but that Elliot attacked her and Maxwell acted in self defense.

"It's all because I don't look like everybody else, its because I'm different. I know people are going to have their opinions but that doesn't give you a right to put your hands on me," Elliot said.

A Facebook page has been created called Justice For Kayla to offer support and alert others about the attack.

Maxwell is being held on an assault and battery complaint.  Her bond is set at $5,000.

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