Family remembers Baxter Springs, Kan. man, 68-year-old John L. Brown, killed in Quapaw tornado

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. -- A tornado in the small northeastern Oklahoma town of Quapaw killed one man -- 68-year-old John. L. Brown -- when a concrete wall fell on top of his car Sunday evening.

Brown and his wife Janet Brown were driving from their home in Baxter Springs Kan. to Miami, Okla. when they got caught in the middle of the storm .

PHOTO GALLERY: Damage from April 27, 2014 tornadoes

His son David Brown and Dawn Simpson tell 2NEWS John Brown was a storm chaser in his younger years.

"[Sunday] he had spotted a funnel in the sky and looked at her and said, 'I think those are funnel clouds up there,'" Simpson said, retelling the story their mother told them. "And she said, 'I think you're right, we need to do something.'"

They pulled over in Quapaw, next to an old building. That's when the storm struck, bringing down the building and the wall on top of their car.

"He ended up putting himself over her, to protect her," his last effort to save the love of his life for more than 45 years says Simpson.

His wife was trapped underneath the rubble for about 15 minutes until Pam Harris heard her calls for help.

"That's when I heard her banging in the window and somebody said, 'There's somebody's in there,'" Harris said.

Today, the family is trying to cope with the loss.

They say their father would probably be on the front line today, helping his neighbors recover from the storm.

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