District 27 Drug Task Force: $80,000 of meth taken off streets, 13 labs busted

ADAIR COUNTY, Okla. - Over recent months the District 27 Drug Task Force has hit suspected drug traffickers and fugitives with force.

They have worked with surrounding law enforcement agencies to conduct drug interdiction efforts, warrant sweeps, catch suspects who buy cold medicines for meth cooks and shut down numerous meth labs.

They also arrested suspects tied to numerous other crimes along the way.

Since late last year, members of the task force have opened 69 criminal cases and made 62 arrests. They have also taken three small children into protective custody.

They have busted 13 meth labs. Some of those busts contained as many as seven different individual labs. Investigators collected 92 grams of psuedoephedrine -- enough to produce nearly $9,000 worth of meth.

They have taken nearly $80,000 worth of meth off the streets, along with six guns. Dist 27 District Attorney Brian Kuester says the People detained or arrested had priors for manslaughter, rape, murder, armed robbery, burglary, theft and multiple other crimes.

"It is the cooperative efforts of the local law enforcement agencies that allow the District Attorney's Office Drug Task Force for District 27 to have this kind of success" said Kuester. "We are at war against those that make and sell drugs. As a result, we are also solving many other crimes that the dealers and manufacturers are connected to."

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