Court documents detail alleged sexual abuse from suspended OSU student Nathan Cochran


More information implicating an Oklahoma State University student and ex-fraternity leader in crimes of sexual abuse has been released.

Court affidavits detail two separate incidents in which Nathan Cochran is accused of sexually assaulting male victims.

The earlier incident reportedly occurred last November when Cochran and a roommate were watching movies. The 23-year-old told police he fell asleep and when he woke up Cochran's hands were inside his pants.

Cochran then put his penis up against the alleged victim's mouth and performed oral sex on the man as well as other sexual acts, according to the recorded testimony.

The man stated he was not in a relationship with Cochran and contended the sexual contact was not consensual.

Another alleged incident occurred in August. A second man told investigators Cochran groped him while he was asleep.

The man claimed he let Cochran, a friend, stay the night in his campus dorm after a night of heavy drinking. When he woke up, Cochran was standing over him rubbing his genitals over his clothing and attempting to place his hands inside the accuser's gym shorts.

The man showed a series of text messages to authorities from Cochran received shortly after the incident, according to the documents.

Among them: "Talked to ----- and ---- and I understand why you freaked out about moving around and getting close to you. I just don't need rumors and things spread about me. I've worked too hard to get where I am for something like that to mess it up. I'll talk to you tomorrow when we are both sober. Deal?"

A warrant was issued for Cochran Wednesday, who has yet to turn himself over to authorities. He faces three counts of sexual battery.

On Tuesday, Oklahoma State suspended the 22-year-old for three years after an internal investigation. The university says it met with five alleged male victims.

Cochran, who served as OSU's Interfraternity Council secretary from 2011to 2012, is "no longer associated with" his fraternity, said Nick Jordan, OSU FarmHouse chapter president.

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