Colcord, Okla. officials issue 'do not drink' order for city's water supply due to 'red worm'

COLCORD, Okla. - A "do not drink" order is in effect in Colcord for the town's water supply.

Water commissioner Cody Gibby says the water is not hazardous but a "red worm" was found in the supply and the city is taking safety precautions.

Samples have been sent to the health department, the Department of Environmental Quality and the state health department.

Skyler McElhaney, spokesman for the DEQ, said after confirming the red worm, or blood worm, the CDC was contacted.

A red worm is the larvae of a midge fly, which is not commonly found in Oklahoma but rather the southeastern states, said McElhaney.

Schools in Delaware County will be closed for the second day in a row Wednesday.

City officials haven't said how long it might be until the issue is resolved, but it needs to flush 200,000 to 300,000 gallons of water before an all-clear can be given.

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