Cleveland schools placed on lockdown after gun rumor at high school

CLEVELAND, Okla. - Police in Cleveland, Okla. are giving the all-clear tonight after reports of a possible gun at the high school.

All five Cleveland Public Schools campuses were placed on lockdown Wednesday morning after someone posted on social media that there was a gun at the high school.

"We did that so if there was somebody with a gun at the school... we could isolate the situation and take care of it and keep anything from spreading," said Clinton Stout, Cleveland Police Chief. 

Stout says the threat came from the social media site Yik Yak.

Officials at the high school were monitoring the site Wednesday morning, when they came across the post. They immediately contacted Cleveland Police Department

“The actual site posts a map of where it was posted at,” Stout said. “And this post that was made was at the high school.”

Officers took the threat seriously and searched the entire building and secured students between the five campuses.

Stout says no gun was found, and following the investigation, officers do not believe students were ever in any real danger.

"Social media bullying and posting of threats, it is a real problem," Stout said. "We're seeing more of a problem here, not only with Yik Yak, but other sites... where they can hide behind social media."

Oklahoma High Patrol and Pawnee and Osage County Sheriff's Offices assisted with the investigation.

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