8-year-old Moore student punished for getting into fight, forced to hold sign saying 'I am a bully'

MOORE, Okla. -- An 8-year-old boy from Moore had a unique punishment after school yesterday.

Malachi Peterson got into a fight with another boy at school. Malachi's mother says he initiated the fight over a girl.

So his mom took the matter into her own hands.

Malachi had to stand on a street corner with a sign saying, "I picked a fight at school because I am a bully."

"First off, there's no reason for him to be all about a girl right now," Janie Peterson said. "Second off, assault is assault whether you're eight or 88, and I'm not going to put up with it."

Several parents stopped and talked to Malachi and his mom. Many of them said that this was good parenting.

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