6 months after May 20 Moore, Oklahoma tornado, neighborhoods rebuild in hardest hit areas

MOORE, Okla. -- Six months after the May 20 tornado, the landscape in Moore is changing. 

Instead of debris there is new construction everywhere, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Homes in the hard hit Plaza Towers neighborhood are going up fast, some are even complete. Most are now equipped with storm shelters.

James Schroeder has lived in Moore a long time.  He watched this neighborhood go up around him back in the 1960s and he's watching it again in the aftermath of the tornado.

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Schroeder rode out the deadly storm in his home with his oldest son.  A widower, Schroeder believes his wife protected them.

"My wife's wedding dress, we'd been married 2007 for 50 years, was still on the hanger in my daughter's closet, never left. She was watching over us I guess," said Schroeder.

Schroeder expects to be back in his re-built home by the first of the year.

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For more including before and after interactive features, videos and satellite imagery go to www.kjrh.com/tornado .


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