5-year-old Oklahoma boy suspended from school for making hand gesture of gun

GRADY COUNTY, Okla. - A 5-year-old boy is suspended for making a gesture of a gun with his hand in a Grady County classroom, but the child's mother says Chickasha Elementary School is overreacting.

Jarred Moomaw was suspended for a day and also kept out of the schools Christmas party.

When he came home with a piece of paper explaining what happened, Jarred's mother asked him to show her exactly what he did.

"I did like this and I said bang bang," he said.

His mom said her son told her he was just playing.

Jarred's mom says the school's action is too drastic for a first-time offense.

School officials say each case is looked at individually to decide a punishment and added that tensions have been high since the Connecticut school shooting.

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