Shields death brings leads in Tucker disappearance

TULSA - The family of a missing Tulsa woman is hoping for new leads in her case, after the lead suspect took his own life during a confrontation with police.

It happened Monday night in North Tulsa. Police say Allen Shields broke into the home of a former girlfriend and took her 11-year-old daughter hostage for hours, before releasing her.

Shields was a suspect in the 2007 disappearance of another former girlfriend, Angie Tucker.

Tucker's brother believes people with information have been too afraid of Allen Shields to come forward. Now that he is dead, Hylan Tucker hopes those people will talk.

He tells 2NEWS, "There are people out there that know what happened. I am sure of it. I am pretty confident now that someone will come forward."

In November of 2009, Angie Tucker, a mother of two, left her home near Yale and Apache for a short walk to buy cigarettes. She never returned.

Weeks earlier Tucker requested a restraining order against her former boyfriend Allen Shields, claiming he raped her.

Tucker's family and police suspect Shields was involved in her disappearances. Hylan says, "It will come out. What happened will come out."

Tulsa Police homicide Sgt. Mike Huff says with Shields out of the picture, Tucker's case is heating up. "In fact we have a lead going on right now. So some of this is just happening as we speak. And I think that maybe people will come forward. While some people just don't want to get involved, other people have been legitimately scared of this man."

In January, police smuggled a tapped cell phone into the jail as part of an investigation into an alleged conspiracy to kill Sgt. Huff.

According to court documents, throughout the recorded conversations on that phone, Allen Shields was caught on tape talking with his brother, Fred Shields, one of the suspects in the Neal Sweeney Murder.

According to the documents, Fred Shields is heard telling Allen he will tell authorities about what Allen did to Angie Tucker if he didn't cooperate with the effort to have Sgt. Huff killed.

Sgt. Huff hopes all of this recent evidence combined with new leads in the case, will help police bring Angie's family the answers they have been waiting for.

He says, "We have been with the family and continue to follow up leads for years now. We do owe this to them. And we hope this moves quickly. So we will keep our ears open and respond to these calls 24 hours a day. It's a high priority."

Huff says Allen Shields is linked to a number of open cases. He asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS.

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