Save money on your groceries with your smartphone

Food On The Table is a free program that promises to save food, time and money.

"It's very easy and very fast," said Carla Paul-Divine.

Tight on time and tight on budget, Paul-Divine uses her smartphone to help navigate the grocery store.

"The fact that it was a free service I think is what really drew me to it. Then, its efficiency is what's kept me going back week after week," she said.

You plug in your store. The program automatically downloads the sales. Then it gives you recipes using the deals of the week.

"Chicken breast is on sale. So it's going to give me a Thai peanut bake, cheesy lemon chicken, " Paul-Divine demonstrated.

You choose, and then the program populates your grocery list.

"We're not shopping brands. I want price point," said Paul-Divine.

We accompanied Paul-Divine on a recent shopping trip. She filled her cart with broccoli, peppers, milk, and meat. Nearly every item on her list was on sale, from produce to poultry.

But just how accurate is the app?

"Dead on," said Paul-Divine.

However, we  found that just because the app flags something on sale doesn't always mean it's cheap.

For example, orange roughy was on sale for $10.99 a pound. Tilapia ended up being the better deal.

"The other thing that's nice is it will do substitutions," Paul-Divine said.

She said Food On The Table has helped her stick to her family's $50 a week grocery budget.

The final tally on this shopping trip was $35.83, coming in under this week's grocery budget. Her receipt showed she saved $26.46 on the sale items.

"I've never been one onion short or half a bell pepper missing. Everything is always there and always ready, and it has eliminated extra trips to the grocery store," said Paul-Divine.

The recipes are simple. So, if you like gourmet flavors, Paul-Divine said this probably isn't the program for you.

Also, Paul-Divine plans for leftovers at her homes, but she suggested doubling the recipes if you have more than four in your family.

We found the program is free for up to three meals per week. If you want more than that, you'll have to pay $5 to $10 per month.

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