Parents clueless to kids online activity, according to new McAfee study

Parents, you have no idea what your kids are doing online, that's according to a new McAfee study.

Even more, 46 percent of young people say they'd change their behavior if they thought their parents were paying attention.

McAfee surveyed young people 10 to 23 years old and parents with kids in the same age range.

What they found is that 86 percent of the young people surveyed are sharing personal information such as photos of themselves, email and home addresses and social security numbers during the six hours a day they spend online.

This behavior starts sooner than you might think. The study found that beginning at age 13, your kids are also posting risky comments and photos to their social networks. In fact, 55 percent admit to doing so while only 38 percent of parents said they were aware.

Why is this happening? When it comes to monitoring online behaviors, the study shows parents are overwhelmed. An astounding 74 percent of parents say they don't have the time or energy to keep up with everything their child is doing online, so they don't.

Plus there appears to be a disconnect between the two groups. Parents, while you claim to set parental controls and to have access to your child's passwords, only a small fraction of your kids agree that you do.

Parents, a good place for you to start may be with your kid's smartphone since the vast majority are using them to access social media accounts and easily hiding their activity with a simple passcode.

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