Hurricane Sandy NASA video: International Space Station captures stunning video of Sandy from space

NASA released stunning video Thursday of Hurricane Sandy captured from the International Space Station.

The video shows Sandy as it approaches the United States.

As of Friday morning, Sandy was still a Category 1 hurricane and was passing near Great Abaco Island.

NASA officials said the International Space Station took this photo when "The storm was located about 85 miles south-southeast of Great Exuma Island."

Hurricane Sandy is a wolf in sheep's skin poised to assail New England at the beginning of next week, with the potential to cause widespread damage in the highly populated area.

Look at images of the storm in our Hurricane Sandy photo gallery online. Mobile users should click this link -

It is losing wind speed but is huge and likely to merge with a winter storm front and turn into a "Frankenstorm" over the northeastern United States just before Halloween, according to the National Weather Service.

Sandy has left at least 21 dead, as it ground over Haiti, Jamaica and Cuba.

Watch the video from NASA below or by clicking here (MOBILE:

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