Young veteran faces cell phone skirmish

TULSA - He served in the military for the last four years, most recently in Afghanistan.

Now, Joab Somerville's home.

"There's no place like Tulsa, I've been everywhere for the most part in the last four years, and I'm just glad to be home."

Joab says there was just one hitch with his homecoming.

He discovered a problem with his AT&T cell phone bill.

When he enlisted, he called AT&T about the 15% military discount the company offers.

And he set up his bill to be paid automatically every month, so he didn't have to worry about it while serving.

But that also meant he didn't pay attention to those four years worth of phone bills, until he got back to Tulsa.

"It turns out they hadn't been applying that discount to my account."

So Joab and his mom called and called AT&T, to get credit for that military discount.

They say they were told Joab's account notes showed he had asked for the discount, but it was never activated.

And they say noone they talked to could give him the credit retroactively.

"I know there are policies and there's a hierarchy, that kind of stuff, it was just frustrating and ridiculous, we weren't getting anywhere."

That's when Joab's mom suggested they call the 2News Problem Solvers.

We got in touch with an AT&T rep, who researched Joab's account.

It wasn't long until Joab received credit for the military discount.

Plus, AT&T gave him a month's worth of service, and waived some other fees, for a total credit of $300.

"It felt like a breath of fresh air."

 And now, with his military service and the small battle over that phone bill behind him,

"It was awesome."

 Joab says he can now march on with his college career.

"I feel like there's nothing I can't do, in the sense of the challenges that were placed before me in the military, that I accomplished."

His next planned accomplishment?  Earning a petroleum engineering degree, at the University of Tulsa.

While Joab's situation's certainly different than most, he now knows how important it is is to go over every bill and statement you receive, double checking to make sure there aren't any mistakes.

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