Young girl's mission to help children in shelter inspires generous donation from a Tulsa businessman

It may be summer but a pay it forward school project will keep going.
A couple of months ago we told you about a young girl making a difference at the Laura Dester Shelter.
Her name is Kierstyn Barnes and her acts of kindness have inspired others.   Kierstyn tells us how it all started  "We had a school project where they gave us a dollar and we were supposed to bless somebody in our community with it."
When we first met 11-year-old Kierstyn she had turned a one dollar pay it forward project into something special.
She raised money through social media then went to Build-A-Bear to make stuffed animals.   She donates the fluffy toys to kids living at the Laura Dester Shelter; a home for kids in DHS custody.    She says   "When you give the kids bears, you can tell how happy they are by their faces. They light up and it makes you feel really special when you hand them out."
When we aired that story Tulsa businessman David Chernicky of New Dominion saw it and was inspired donate money to the cause.   He told Kierstyn  "I'm so impressed by what you have done. Thank you."
Chernicky donated $5,000 toward Kierstyn's efforts.     She says   "This is going to be a lot of bears. We are going to be able to do it for a lot longer than we were going to . And i was really thankful for it."
Chernicky also gave an additional $5,000 to the shelter.   He says   "It's the most important charity to me because if anyone in the audience comes by and sees these children taken from their homes through no fault of their own.  It's just enough to break your heart."
Forrest Carpenter works at the shelter and says this is not the first time David has come forward to support the children in the shelter in a big way.   "We have so many wonderful people in the community that help out, but nobody has been a better friend to the kids here at the shelter than David Chernicky. I just thank him for all the things he does year in and year out."
This latest donation from David is making a huge difference and ultimately it's the kids who benefit from all this generosity.
David says he glad for kids like Keirstyn who want to help out and encourages others to get involved through volunteer work in the community.
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