Washer warranty didn't hold water

TULSA - She's had her washer for several years.

Then, this summer, Beth says problems started springing up.

"It started leaking water from the bottom, then quite a bit of noise, and it walks."

 Here's what she means. The machine vibrates so much, moves so much, it would move itself all the way out to here, before Beth would push it back to the wall.

"You find ways to make things work until you can get things resolved."

But Beth says she couldn't get the needed resolution.

Her home warranty was supposed to cover it, but Beth says the company went through three local repair contractors to fix the washer.

But each said they had issues dealing with Sensible Home Warranty, and couldn't do the repair, even after weeks of phone calls to customer service reps.

Beth says she was agitated, to say the least.

"It's been more than two months since I've been able to do laundry, without the inconvenience of having to lay down towels, or stay out there and make sure it doesn't walk across the room and disconnect itself from the wall."

Beth says her money was invested in the warranty, so she didn't have the cash to buy a new washer.

Eventually, she called the 2News Problem Solvers, and we got in touch with a manager at Sensible Home Warranty.

We're told repairing the washer would cost twice as much as replacing it.

So Beth received a check for $450, to buy a new one... one that stays put and while washing her laundry.

When dealing with any warranty issue, be sure to keep copies of all work orders, and detailed notes, including names and agent numbers of customer service reps you talk to.


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