Warranty holder can't get covered repair

TULSA - Maria says she finally got a new refrigerator, after her 12-year-old old fridge stopped working several weeks ago.

"I had to throw away everything in my refrigerator, because it didn't work."

But Maria didn't think it'd be a problem, she says, since she has a Master Protection Agreement.

She's paid every year to keep it current.
When she called to have the fridge repaired, though, Maria says, she ran into problems.

"They gave me the song and dance."

Maria says a tech told her the compressor went out, and that the parts needed to repair the 12-year old fridge weren't a available anymore.

For nearly a month, Maria says she couldn't get any answers, or a working fridge.

"Oh, it was frustrating."

A friend finally suggested Maria call the 2NEWS Problem Solvers, so she did.

We contacted a Sears representative, who said he'd look into Maria's situation.

Two days later, the company replaced that old fridge with a brand new $900 model.

And Maria received a $150 check, to pay for that spoiled food.

Maria's response? "VOILA!"

 Just in time, Maria says, to stock the fridge for a Thanksgiving feast.

And for that, Maria says, she is thankful.

When you buy an extended warranty, it's important to keep the paperwork in a safe place, in case an issue like Maria's ever arises.

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