Viewer asked to pay same $200 bill twice

TULSA - When we met Jenetta, she was going through boxes of  pictures and letters regarding her family history.

She just wishes her problem with a recent dental insurance payment was history too.

Jenetta says she mailed a $200 payment to insurance company late last December, but her husband got a letter from the company a few weeks later.

"He got a letter saying they were going to cancel our insurance for non-payment."

So Jenetta went though her account records and found a canceled check, which shows it was deposited by the company.

Jenetta says she sent a copy of the front and back of the check to a company representative.

"The lady said it was never posted, we can't find any record of it. She said you'll still have to pay it."

Jenetta took the right steps in trying to prove they had already paid.

So we called.  The situation was straightened out and Jenetta's account was credited for the payment.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, do what Jenetta did -- check your bank account, then send copies of your proof of payment.

In most cases, that should do the trick.

That proof  helped us get Jenetta credit for the $200 she paid.

Now Jenetta's very thankful that her billing problem finally is history.

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