Veteran's widow due thousands in backpay

TULSA - It was 1961, Nick Alex served in the Marines, in Platoon 346.
Even after leaving the service, Nick's wife, Cynthia, says he was proud to have served his country.
He died, last October.

"It was very, very hard when he passed away, it still hurts," Cynthia says.
Certainly, Cynthia still suffers through the emotional hurt.
But she feels the financial pain too.
All of the sudden, she had very little income.

"We were married for 38 years and he provided for me those 38 years, I depended on him totally," Cynthia tells us.

Since Nick was getting a VA pension, paperwork from the Veteran's administration told Cynthia she was entitled to $684 a month in survivors benefits, so she applied.
But the days, weeks, and months went by, with no word on those benefits.
Meanwhile, the bills kept piling up, utililies were going to be shut off.
And Cynthia says a painful leg injury kept her from working.

"I broke my leg taking care of my husband and I needed to get in to the doctor."

But Cynthia says she didn't have the money for that.
So she called the VA, over and over, asking about her benefits.
By now, it had been seven months.

Cynthia says, "It's something the government said they would do, and they're just taking their time doing it."

We got in touch the the VA to find out what was holding up Cynthia's benefits.
We found out she apparently didn't answer one of the many questions in her application.
Cynthia wonders why she simply wasn't told that during one of her many phone calls to the VA.
Bottom line, she answered that question, and within days, she started receiving her monthly benefits.

"I'm happy, I'm just giddy," told us, obviously relieved.

And with her $4700 of backpay, Cynthia can catch up on those bills, and go to the orthepedic surgeon for her leg.
Then, she hopes to get a job and carry on with life.
She knows that's what Nick, would want.


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