Unexpected cell bill shocks new parents

GLENPOOL, Okla. - The day little Allina was born, her mom says, was the day heaven opened.  

"She is such a blessing, we're so fortunate to have her."   

And Allina is the reason Jennifer and her husband had to change their cell phone service.

"In an emergency situation, when she's sick, we can't have a service we can't rely on."   

Jennifer says they signed up with T-Mobile after moving to the Tulsa area several months ago.  

 "We had dropped calls, missed calls, we had no service, a whole gamut of issues."  

And before Allina was born, Jennifer says they worked with T-Mobile all those months to resolve those issues.

"And that was all fine and dandy until we had our newborn little girl and the time she was pretty sick and we tried to call out to the physician, and we could not get a signal to call out."

 Eventually, Jennifer says she was told by a customer service rep they could cancel, without penalty. 

  But when they did cancel, they were hit with a $900 dollar bill, for early cancellation.   

 "We were shocked."    

As they disputed the bill, they received this collection notice.

"My husband and I figured it out it's about a year's worth of diapers, that could be $900 or so."

Finally, Jennifer contacted the 2News Problem Solvers and we got in touch with T-Mobile.  

A rep researched the situation, and Jennifer quickly found out the company was zeroing out their account balance, clearing their credit report, and stopping the collection calls.

"We couldn't be more happy, it was just amazing."   

Freeing up that $900 to keep this little angel in diapers.

When dealing with similar situations, be sure  to jot down the names and ID numbers of any customer service reps you talk to, even better ask for an email while you're on the phone so you have any promises in writing.

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