Tulsa woman goes without a fridge for nearly a month; Problem Solvers step in to help

Tulsa - "I opened my fridge one evening, the freezer, and my ice cream was like milk."

Two years after Paul Dodson bought her fridge, it stopped working, despite having paid for an extended five year warranty.

So she called Appliance Solutions in Tulsa. The repair person said it could be fixed at the store.

"Thank goodness, that was the answer to my problem," Dodson said.

Later Dodson discovered the part needed to fix the fridge was on backorder, meaning Dodson was with out a fridge.

"I had to throw out bags of food," she said.

For three weeks she went without the use of a refrigerator.

"I can do without a dishwasher, I can do without my washer/dryer, but how do you go without a refrigerator?" Dodson said.

Finally, she asked Appliance Solutions to lend her a fridge while hers was being repaired.

A week later, they brought back her fridge only for her to find it was still not working properly.

"I was just very upset," she said.

So she called the Problem Solvers who proceeded to call Appliance Solutions.

"This is an usual wait time," said Appliance Solutions Co-Owner Bob Martin. "Our business model has an 80 percent same day repair completion rate."

Martin says in Dodson's case, they didn't have the part on hand to fix her fridge and the delay is a manufacturer issue his business can't control.

But because of this major inconvenience, they decided to make an exception.

"In this particular case we are working together to get Mrs. Dodson taken care of, and it's the right thing to do," he said.

Appliance Solutions agreed to replace Dodson's fridge with a new model, and they are giving her $300 for the lost food.

"It wouldn't be where it is now if I hadn't called Channel 2, so I'm thankful for that, I really am," Dodson said.

So what can you do if you have an appliance break down?

First, you need to know what your warranty covers.

Dodson's five-year warranty said the fridge had to break down three times before a customer could request a replacement.

It also didn't require the store to provide a loaner fridge, but, like in Dodson's case, some stores will provide one if you ask.

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