Making a Difference: Tulsa business helps wildfire victims

DRUMRIGHT, Okla. - The thank you notes keep coming in to a Tulsa business.

But they have nothing to do with their customer service and everything to do with this.

"We kind of put our heads together and decided we needed to do something," said Chris Lebow of ARK Wrecking.

ARK donated more than a thousand dollars, along with food and supplies to the wildfire victims.

"Well we got involved because we have a lot of employees that live out in that area," said Lebow.

Pastor Jeff Laughlin at the first baptist church in Drumright received ARK's donations.

"Thank you," said Laughlin. "For allowing god to use you in that way and meeting people's needs."

One of those people is Lindsey Ellis, whose home burned to the ground.

Her family lost everything, which means they need everything.

"Thank you for it," said Ellis  "Without you we wouldn't be here right now."

But ARK didn't stop there.  They encouraged another group, Associated Builders and Contractors or ABC, to get involved as well.

They gave even more money to the victims -- $2,500.
 "The community has given a lot to us and we as builders and employers need to give back to the community," said Carl Williams, President of the Associated Builders & Contractors.

And they're not only helping the victims of the fires.  They helped those fighting the fires as well.  ARK bought desperately needed new nozzles for the firefighters' hoses.

"They were out fighting brush fires so they took them right out to the field to help them so I think out of everything that was our greatest accomplishment," said Lebow.

In all, ARK and ABC gave almost four thousand dollars along with all the supplies. They're making a difference, for those who watched their entire lives, go up in flames.

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