Trip to Canada costs cell phone customer

TULSA - Before taking a trip to Canada, Barbara says she temporarily changed her Verizon phone plan to a Canadian version to save money during her travels.

After she got home, Barbara received a $2,100 cell phone bill.

"I called Verizon, of course, because it was like shock, horror when you get a $2,100 phone bill, and said this can't be right, what's wrong?"

Here's what Barbara says went wrong.
She says her account was supposed to be scheduled to revert to her old plan on a specific date after she returned from Canada.

It wasn't. So Barbara says a customer service representative said he'd correct the problem.

But he didn't add back her unlimited data plan, which meant she was charged individually for every text for a month.

With two kids, that added up to $1,600 in texts alone.

"I was bound and determined I wasn't going to pay for it because it wasn't my fault, I didn't do anything wrong."

Barbara says she called Verizon several times and each time was told her account would be corrected and credited for that $1,600.

At one point, she got a $600 credit, but that still left $960 to worry about.

So Barbara called the 2News Problem Solvers and we got in touch with Verizon.

It wasn't long until she got a call from a high level supervisor.

"He looked at my account and yes, it was indeed their error and they were crediting back the $960. What was it like to hear that? It was a relief, a big relief, you know when you've got kids going to school."

As for her Verizon phone service?

"We've had them for seven years and they've been really good to us."

So Barbara says she doesn't plan to switch to anyone else.

Next time, Barbara says she'll get any changes to her plan in writing so she'll know exactly what to expect when the next bill arrives.

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