Thowing butts out window can cost you

TULSA - For some folks these days, seeing cigarette butts thrown from vehicles makes them see red.

And if law enforcement sees you do it, it could cost you big time.

During a ban burn, like what's currently in place across the state, you could be fined up to a thousand bucks.

Even when there's not a burn ban, the sheriff's department tells me it's illegal to throw any lit substance from your vehicle.

But it appears some folks don't know about the law, or have just decided not to follow it.

For example, in a thirty yard stretch along Riverside Drive, just south of 101st Street, we found more than 30 cigarette butts in the dry grass, that's 30 more chances of starting a fire."

Janet called to tell us, "I saw someone in the car in front of me flick a cigarette out the window. I was so angry, but didn't know what to do about it."

If you see someone breaking that law, officers suggest you get the vehicle description and tag number, if you can do it safely.

And if you have a passenger with you, have them get a picture of the vehicle and license plate.

Then contact your local police or sheriff's department.

If you report somebody, they most likely won't be ticketed, since an officer needs to see it happen to write a ticket.

But if the same vehicle is reported more than once, the sheriff's department says an investigator can be sent to talk to the offender, and remind them about the law, all in hopes of trying to avoid more devastating fires.

Here's more to think about.

If you start a fire, not only do you face a big fine and jail time, you can also be held responsible to pay for any damage, and for the cost of fighting the fire.

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